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Information provision

The HBO Monitor is a long-term research among graduates in the HBO. About one and a half years after graduation the graduates are approached to participate in the questionnaire. Among others, this questionnaire provides insights in how they think about their HBO-study, about their labour market position and to which extend they possess the competences necessary for their jobs. For the fine arts studies, a specific Fine Arts-Monitor has been developed. The data from the HBO-monitor can be specified almost endlessly. For example, they can be specified to study tracks, study clusters and institutes, but also to fulltime/part-time, dual students and specifications over time. This rich information can be used for counseling, quality care and benchmarking.

Sign up your institution?

At the moment, about 90 percent of all Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences participate in the HBO-Monitor/Fine Arts Monitor. Does your institute not participate yet, but are you interested? In that case, without obligation, you can contact one of our researchers via the contact form. We would like to get in touch with you.


More information

You can find more information about the HBO-Monitor over here. Information about the Fine Arts Monitor can be found here. Useful documentation can be found under 'reports and links'. Do you have any questions about the research? Check the Frequently Asked Questions of the HBO-Monitor, the F.A.Q. of the Fine Arts Monitor, or contact one of our researchers.

Results previous HBO- and Fine Arts Monitors

Curious for the results of previous HBO Monitors or Fine Art Monitors? The most important findings can be found here (only available in Dutch). Do you want to get more detailed information? Then check our institution reports or visit the labour market information system (‘arbeidsmarktinformatiesysteem’ or AIS in Dutch) of the ROA.