March: Cleaning the data

By now, a large number of alumni have filled in the HBO Monitor questionnaire. All answers have been gathered in one large dataset. To arrive at a correct and easy to analyse file from this initial heap of filled-in answers, we will organize and clean them thoroughly. This process is called data cleaning. We investigate all the data we have collected and ensure that everything runs smoothly and flawlessly. For example, we look at items such as missing information, inconsistencies, and unnecessary duplicate entries and resolve them. Additionally, we also calculate variables based on the questionnaire and add them to the dataset. These variables include those needed for reporting purposes and definition variables such as ‘labour force’.

The goal is to optimise the dataset so that we can easily work with it and conduct reliable analyses. It is a crucial step as it lays the foundation for accurate results and insights from our data.

Once the data cleaning process is complete, we will create factsheets for the participating Universities of Applied Sciences and find out more about the results that emerge at the national level. The publication of these results will take place on 10th of April.