Project team

The Fine Arts Monitor (and HBO Monitor) project team brings together a range of expertise in the area of research, data collection and analysis. The team is made up of staff of the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA, Maastricht University) and DESAN Research Solutions. The team members collaborate consistently and intensively to ensure that the survey meets the highest quality standards, and to optimize the usefulness of the survey results.

The project team consists of the following members. Click their profiles for more information:

dr. Barbara Belfi (ROA) - General Project Manager Fine Arts Monitor / HBO-Monitor

drs. Monique van Alphen (DESAN) - Project Manager Data Collection

drs. Barbara Kinket (DESAN) - Technical Project Manager

drs. Han van Dongen (DESAN) - Contact Person for Universities of Applied Sciences

drs. Timo Huijgen (ROA) - Statistical Analyst

prof. dr. Rolf van der Velden (ROA) - Content Advisor

dr. Christoph Meng (ROA) - Content Advisor

dr. Jim Allen (ROA) - Researcher

drs. Bas Aarts (ROA) - Researcher

mw. Mariƫlle Retz (ROA) - Web Editor

mw. Esther Soudant (ROA) - Administrative Assistant