Brochures and promotion material

On this page you can find all kinds of useful promotion material that can be used to promote the HBO Monitor and/or the Fine Arts Monitor at your University.


Get the optimal response from the HBO-Monitor: make use of our renewed banners

The differences in response between Universities of Applied Sciences are sometimes large. Experience has shown that Universities of Applied Sciences that devote a great deal of attention to their alumni achieve a significantly higher response rate than Universities of Applied Sciences that do not. In order to help Universities of Applied Sciences to do this, we have developed banners especially for social media in the house style of the HBO and KUO Monitor, which Universities of Applied Sciences can use to bring these surveys to the attention of their alumni.

Different banners

Roughly speaking, the HBO-Monitor can be divided into 4 phases: 1) announcement research, 2) filling in the questionnaire, 3) thanking for participation and 4) first results. For each phase we have developed various banners, both for the HBO-Monitor and for the KUO-Monitor. For example, the banners of phase 1 'announcement survey' can be used in September and the banners of phase 2 'fill in questionnaire' from the beginning of October. The banners are available in various formats, making them suitable for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The banners of phase 1 and 2 can be found below. Phases 3 and 4 will follow as soon as possible.


Phase 1: announcement research (September)

Phase 2: filling in the questionnaire (October - January)


Phase 1: announcement research (September)

Phase 2: filling in the questionnaire (October - January)

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